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Shared Future Process

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Stage One: Exploring a Shared Future, is essential to discover which of the cluster’s congregation are led by God to pursue a Shared Future together. It is critical to only have those congregations who are called and committed to exploring a Shared Future involved in Stage Two: Defining a Shared Future.

The main purpose of Stage One is therefore to guide the

congregations individually to a position where they are

empowered, informed and prepared to make such a decision.

A Staged process offers some key benefits. It enables focus on individuals at a time, rather than the burden of tackling all issues simultaneously. This creates a logical progression for the entire process, providing clear evidence of progress as well as the necessary perspective, reflection, and motivation to see the journey through.

Allows the process to be adoptive as new insights arise, providing ample time for questions to be explored at each stage. This ensures that appropriate information gathering, reflection and understanding takes places before a final decision can be made.

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Stage Two focuses on the following areas:

  • Choosing the type of Shared Future of want for your congregation

  • Practical issues such as worship, property, finances, pastoral care etc

  • The missional imperative for the new church


The decisions made in Stage Two are not long term, but instead are transitional and temporary.

Once the Shared Future is implemented, it is tempting to consider that the work is complete and that the Shared Future is the destination. Stage Three lays the foundations for the future as the early structures and systems are implemented and refined.

People in Park

"Phil is a very good listener, has a sharp mind and was able to tailor solutions and options to our situation. I found him to be a strategic thinker with a wide range of experiences, well-read, well prepared, and with a gift for connecting with people. One of his great strengths was his ability to listen to our conversations, reflect back what he had heard, then challenge and encourage us through difficult times. It was his input as an external facilitator that provided the framework which has brought us together as one faith community in Manningham."

Ken Manson

Council Chair at Manningham Uniting Church

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