Ecclesia Leadership was founded in 2009 by Phil McCredden and David Zovak to assist local churches in shaping themselves to the cause of Jesus by offering missional training, coaching and consulting.

Since then, we have worked with many churches in a range of denominations including the Uniting Church, the Baptist Church, Churches of Christ, and the Salvation Army. This work has included bringing church communities together to enable a shared future process, facilitating significant church transition processes, conducting vision and strategy workshops, coaching leaders, facilitating culture change processes and leading training programs.

In 2013 Dave Zovak left Ecclesia Leadership when he moved with his family to China to develop Christian Leaders.

While initially, Phil worked on Ecclesia Leadership part-time since 2013 it has been his sole focus. Phil has a Bachelors degree in Theology and a Masters degree in church leadership. His passion is seeing churches shape themselves around mission to make a difference in their local communities.


Ken Manson

Chairperson Manningham Uniting Church

“We worked with Phil McCredden on a merger of four Uniting Church congregations over a period of 18 months. It was a very successful facilitated process. Phil provided us with a model which brought us together under a single management structure as a single organisation.

He is a very good listener, has a sharp mind and was able to tailor solutions and options to our situation. I found him to be a strategic thinker with a wide range of experiences, well-read, well prepared, and with a gift for connecting with people. He was prepared to be flexible, and where needed, provide leadership by articulating what needed to be completed for us to consider.

He worked very comfortable with a wide range of ages and personalities. One of his great strengths was his ability to listen to our conversations, reflect back what he had heard, then challenge and encourage us through difficult times. It was his input as an external facilitator that provided the framework which has brought us together as one faith community in Manningham. "