Using new technology can be a great place to start if you'd like to make easy yet significant changes to productivity in your organisation or your own professional career. Based on your needs, Ecclesia Leadership can help you choose, setup and learn new systems such as:

iPad - find out how to use a tablet computer for web-browsing and email. Download productivity apps to help take your work on the go. 

iPhone - not just for calls and text messages, learn how to use your smart phone as an all-round productivity tool. 

Evernote - share files, take notes and store photos, web clippings, voice memos and other information with this comprehensive productivity app.

Omnifocus - this mac only tool can dramatically enhance your productivity. Learn how to use this personal task manager app to help you organise all your to-do lists in the one place.

Email - find out how to organise and streamline your emails for more efficient management. 


With ever increasing demands on a leaders' time, simple and effective productivity skills can make a huge difference. Ecclesia Leadership can guide you through the following productivity booster tools:

  • How to set goals and plan projects
  • Applying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Getting Things Done - the work/life management system helping you avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Simple email management techniques

Ecclesia Leadership can work with you in person or over skype to help you streamline your systems, organise your time and help you feel more under control. Contact us to find our more.