Phil McCredden

Fournder and PrincipaL Consultant

Phil is the principal consultant of Ecclesia Leadership and is an experienced leader, facilitator, trainer and coach. He has a track record of leading significant change and is a gifted facilitator of training workshops or meetings that need to solve issues. A key strength is his ability to identify and articulate issues in ways that make sense and resonate with people. Phil has a positive impact on those with whom he works and interweaves a desire for change and effectiveness, with a sensitivity to the impact on people — something that is rare in leaders.

Phil specialises in working with leaders and their teams to improve their effectiveness and helping organisations cultivate a better culture. He has a Bachelor of Theology degree majoring in counselling and a Master of Arts with a major in leadership.

For the past ten years, Phil has worked with a range of corporate and non-profit organisations. His work has included facilitating amalgamations, assisting with significant organisation transition processes, conducting vision and strategy workshops, coaching senior leaders, facilitating organisational culture change processes and leading training programs.