Non-Profits and Churches

Community based organisations face particular challenges in developing healthy and effective leadership and organisational health.  The individual requirements of purpose-driven organisations lead to different assessments of health and effectiveness when compared with corporate or for-profit organisations.

This process may involve coordination of large numbers of volunteer resources which have to be managed differently than employee driven organisations.  The change process can be more difficult with people highly committed to historical patterns and traditions.

An external consultant or facilitator can assist in working through these challenges and help re-orient or re-focus your organisation for the future.

New Contexts

Shifts in societal norms can change the role that churches have in the community.  This can likewise affect non-profit organisations which rely on volunteer resources.  Learn more about missional leadership and how missional principles can be applied to your church or organisation

Multiple Congregations

Discover new ways to successful manage multiple congregations across different sites, especially after church mergers.

Leadership Structure

Ecclesia Leadership can help you assess your current leadership structures in relation to your vision and strategy and assist in forming a leadership structure that is uniquely appropriate for you. We do this by taking into account historical and contextual factors, as well as what is needed for your vision and strategy.